Tips for Helping Your Cat's Upset Stomach

Just like people, cats can experience occasional stomach upset. If your cat exhibits any of the following, especially after eating, she may have a sensitive stomach.

In a healthy cat - especially one that spends a lot of time outdoors - occasional stomach upset shouldn't cause concern. Persistent or severe stomach upset can indicate a more serious condition. Please see your vet with questions about your own cat's health.

What can you do?

If you think your cat has a sensitive stomach, there are steps you can take to help keep your cat's insides running smoothly.

  • Be watchful. Do your best to prevent your cat from eating anything spoiled or questionable. Outdoor cats have increased exposure to inappropriate food and are at greater risk for internal parasites.
  • Check for hairballs. If you suspect hairballs are causing your cat's stomach upset, read this article. The experts at Hill's have specific advice to help minimize this problem.
  • Avoid giving your cat milk or dairy products. Cats might like the taste but often lack the ability to digest dairy products properly.
  • Slow down mealtimes. Cats that eat fast also swallow a lot of air. Divide big meals into smaller portions, fed throughout the day.
  • Measure the proper amount of food. Eating too much can upset a cat's digestion so feed according to package directions.
  • Be consistent. Any change in nutrition can irritate your cat's system. If you switch your cat's food, do so slowly: gradually mix greater and greater proportions of the new food with the old.
  • Feed your cat a nutritious, high-quality food. Cats cannot easily digest food made with low-quality ingredients.

A healthy, smart choice is Science Diet® Sensitive Stomach & Skin Adult cat food, specially formulated for adult cats with sensitive stomachs.

Science Diet® Sensitive Stomach & Skin Adult

Sensitive Stomach & Skin Adult:

  • Gentle formula is easy for sensitive stomachs to digest
  • High quality proteins and other essential amino acids for digestive health
  • Rice is the #1 ingredient - easy to digest and gentle on sensitive stomachs
  • Tastes great!
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Science Diet®
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