Your Overweight Cat: When Bigger Isn't Better

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Being overweight puts a cat at risk for developing many serious health issues. Weight gain indicates an increase in body fat and usually results when your cat eats too much and exercises too little.

Other factors that may impact your cat's weight gain include:

  • Age - older cats are less active, have less energy, and require fewer calories
  • Neutering/Spaying - studies have shown that neutered cats have a lower 
    basic metabolism and, consequently, require fewer calories
  • Medical Problems - sometimes weight gain is associated with a 
    medical disorder

Every cat has an ideal weight for its size and breed. Ask your 
veterinarian for a recommendation or use this 
Interactive Weight Check tool to help determine your 
cat's ideal weight.

What can you do?

  • Get with the program. If your cat is already overweight, a program like the Hill's PetFit™ Challenge can help. It's a complete plan of action - with tools and expert information - for optimizing your cat's weight. An active, healthy and happy life is the greatest gift you can give your best friend!
  • Talk to your veterinarian. Take your cat for a thorough examination and health check. Ask your vet to recommend an ideal weight for your cat and tips for achieving that goal.
  • Get active. Cats gain weight when they consume more calories than they burn. Increase your cat's physical activity.
  • Curb treats and snacks. The calories in treats and snacks can really add up. Reward your cat with non-edible treats, like a belly rub or a few minutes of playtime.
  • Feed a lighter formula. The most effective way of achieving a healthy weight is to combine increased exercise with a change in food. Consider switching to a high quality food made just for cats that are too heavy or are prone to weight gain.

Science Diet® Sensitive Stomach Adult

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  • 50% less fat and 21% fewer calories than Science Diet® Adult Optimal Care™ Original formula cat food
  • L-Carnitine converts fat into energy and helps maintain lean muscle mass
  • High in natural fiber to satisfy between meals
  • Vitamin C + E for healthy immune function
  • High quality protein helps maintain strong bones and muscles
  • Great taste! Precise blend of high quality ingredients for a taste your cat will love


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