Top 10 Senior Cat Health Tips

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Cat and peopleThe laughter. The crying. The camaraderie. You and your senior cat have been through a lot together. However, as much as we value having them in our lives, it’s easy to take our pets for granted. Your senior cat, on the other hand, appreciates every single thing you’ve ever done. Why not return the favor? The following senior-specific health tips will show your cat how much you care:

  1. Schedule veterinarian checkups at least twice a year. The older your senior cat, the more important it is to maintain good health.
  2. Be more informed and aware of your senior cat’s condition. Observe your cat on a regular basis to stay on top of any potential symptoms of diseases.
  3. To ease digestion, consider feeding your cat several meals a day instead of one large serving.
  4. Avoid overfeeding – obesity can lead to numerous health problems and may shorten your cat’s life.
  5. Keep your cat on a regular exercise routine to help preserve muscle tone and to keep bones and joints strong.
  6. Don’t overlook your cat’s dental health. Have your cat’s teeth cleaned by your veterinarian when advised, and brush them at home on a regular basis.
  7. Have your veterinarian perform regular vaccinations.
  8. Keep your senior cat’s bed and surrounding area clean, and always remain proactive in controlling fleas.
  9. Because senior cats are prone to inactivity, inspect your cat’s nails on a regular basis and trim them when necessary.
  10. Don’t forget to give your cat plenty of love and attention – the keys to a healthier and more fulfilling life for your senior cat!

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